Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off

April 25-26, 2014

Like a thru hiker, time marches on...


Update April 20, 3:00pm: Letters have gone out to all registered attendees (campers, cabin dwellers, and day visitors). If you didn't get one, check your spam or junk folder. The list of registered attendees now has two tabs: one for folks staying overnight at Lake Morena, and one for pre-registered day visitors.

Update April 19, 9:00am: Advance registration is now closed. This weekend email messages with confirmation and more information about the event will go out to all registered campers, registered day visitors, and those still on the waiting list. If you did not register online:

  • If you are thru hiking the PCT this year and you arrive on foot (or in someone else's car), we will try to find a camp space for you. But it probably won't be with the other thru hikers and might not even be in the main campground.
  • If you're not a 2014 thru hiker (or if you drive a vehicle), you can still show up at Kick Off and register as a day visitor. You're welcome to enjoy all the good things of Kick Off--except camping. We will not have a camp space for you--guaranteed. We are completely full, and any spaces that come available will go to current year thru hikers.
  • There are other accommodations in the area. Check this interactive map for more information. Stay at one of those places (likely to be warmer and quieter than Lake Morena), and visit us during the day.

Update April 17, 11:30pm: Due to cancellations and creative shoehorning, we've managed to squeeze in another 20 people from the waiting list. I know you're on pins and needles, but I won't be able to send out confirmations and update the registration list until Saturday. In the meantime, you can look at this new list, sorted by campsite. Search for your name if you want an early indication of whether you're in. Remember that advance registration for day visitors closes on Friday, April 18.

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Update April 16, 11:20pm: A campground map now appears on the registration page. Some minor changes have been made to the schedule of events, and a preview of Saturday night's feature film has been added. And we're still trying to squeeze in current-year thru hikers who are on the waiting list; we'll let you know by e-mail if we find a place for you. If you registered as a day visitor, don't fret; confirmation letters with information about what to bring will go out this weekend.

Update April 5, 5:30pm: You can now view a list of who's registered. Confirmation letters to registered campers are going out today, Saturday. (If you don't get it, check your spam or junk mail folder.) We still have about 80 people on the waiting list. Also of note: a preliminary schedule of events has been published.

Update March 29, 1:00pm: In preparation for posting lists of who's registered, campsite assignments, and so on, the registration page has been revamped. Yes, we are still full, but you can join the waiting list on the slim chance that some space opens up. Yes, you can still register to attend during the day. And now you can learn a little more about how we manage to fill the park to its maximum capacity--and why we can't exceed it.

ADZPCTKO 2014 will be held April 25-26 at Lake Morena County Park.

A16The ADZPCTKO organization has again reserved the entire park, so you can't book a campsite through the park reservation system. Instead, you make your reservation on this site when registration opens in March. All campsites are shared; we fill each site to the maximum capacity allowed by the park (8 campers).

This year, registration for different groups of people began on different days, starting with 2014 thru hikers on March 3, and ending on March 20 after everyone had a shot at registration.Check the registration page for details. Check back here periodically for more details, or follow us on Twitter (@adzpctko).

If you don't get a campsite

The campground is fully booked again this year, as it has been for the past several years. We're sorry we can't accommodate everyone who would like to camp, but we do have some alternative suggestions:

  • Nearby campgrounds and other lodging (interactive map) (PDF document)
  • You're welcome to visit during the day, whether you stay at one of the places linked above or you make the trek from San Diego. Registration for day visitors is open from March 27-April 18.
  • We have also set up a waiting list in case you'd like to be contacted if a site opens up.

Did someone say "bandana"?

2014 PCT BandanaLearn all about the tradition started by 2002 thru hikers Gottago, Yogi, and Cupcake, and learn how you can get a bandana too!

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Who should attend ADZPCTKO?

Our focus has always been on Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers, and the weekend events are designed primarily for these intrepid hikers. If you:

  • Are attempting to thru-hike the PCT in 2014, you can get needed permits and we offer seminars, up-to-date information on trail conditions, last-minute equipment checks, an opportunity to get to know your fellow hikers, and plenty of inspiration and guidance from those who've gone before.
  • Are planning a thru-hike attempt in the next few years, you can see (and buy) state of the art equipment from vendors who specialize in ultralight gear for long-distance hikes, learn more about the trail experience and the beautiful country that the PCT traverses, and join the trail community.
  • Have completed a substantial portion of a thru hike, you can reconnect with others you hiked with, and share your pictures, your knowledge, your joys, and your harrowing experiences with a new generation of hikers.

If you're not in one of these categories, ADZPCTKO is probably not for you. Although we'd love to throw it open to anyone and everyone who has a passing interest in the PCT, we no longer have the space to do that. Come on back when you're ready for your thru hike!

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What's New for 2014?

  • Free azblaster for every thru hiker and anyone else who wants an LNT alternative to toilet paper. Reduce unsightly trash, reduce fire risk (I know some of you still burn your TP!), and improve sanitation. Courtesy of 2013 thru hiker Steve "Blast" Halteman.
  • Our efforts to "go green" have expanded. By eliminating single-serving beverage bottles, we'll greatly reduce our waste. We also plan to eliminate the use of disposable cups and ask folks to bring their own cups/mugs/bottles or other beverage vessels. More details to come.
  • New competition categories in the PCT Short Film Festival. Submit your entry by April 12, so you can see it on the big Tyvek screen at ADZPCTKO!
  • New vendors include Clikstand and High Sierra Attitude. In addition, you'll see new equipment and inventions from DIY gearheads and up-and-coming vendors.
  • ADZPCTKO information booth in the vendor display area. Buy our cool merch (red T-shirts for 2014, plus a limited supply of collectible T-shirts from earlier years; neck wallets; and insulated travel mugs), find out what you need to know, and volunteer to help!

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What to Do Now

  • If you're hiking the PCT this year--or you want to know who is--check out the 2014 Pacific Crest Trail Registry, maintained by Yogi's Books. Add your own name here.
  • Do you have the next great idea for long distance hiking gear/clothing/gadgets? Are you looking for a venue to display/sell your products to the hiking community? If so, we invite you to apply to be part of the first annual New Gear Exhibit at the 2014 ADZPCTKO. We have two easy requirements: (1)  Your products must be useful to current PCT hikers. (2)  You must get along with others (you'll be sharing vendor space with other entrepreneurs). If this sounds like you, shoot Jackie "Yogi" McDonnell (ADZPCTKO Vendor Coordinator) an email ASAP and describe what you'd like to exhibit/sell.
  • Get your video ready for the PCT Short Film Festival. Submit your entry by April 12.
  • Need a ride to/from Kick Off? Check our Ride Board.
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R.I.P. Captain Bivy

Paul Freiman, ADZPCTKO organizer and rockstar in the San Diego hiking community, went for a hike last fall and never came back. We miss him terribly.


In Memory of Paddy McGloin
He would have been there to see us off, and so embodied the spirit of a trail angel. The only difference was, Paddy had his own trail that he carried with him, so he could help everyone.